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How to Write an Academic Paper

Jun 25, 2015 by

Download Now Sail through this academic paper writing manual to explore the secrets of preparing an applaud-winning research paper. We know you just created a dream bubble hoping for such a day to come true. So, why pop the bubble when it can surely be a reality? Lay your hand on this quick and amazing, definitely not boring, manual that holds immense knowledge about...

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Resource for Dissertation Writing

Aug 5, 2014 by

Download Now Why constructing a Master’s Dissertation brings tears to almost every student or research candidate? Is it the insufficient availability of information or the anxiety of handling a big independent project? Well, if the latter is your case, you surely need to pull yourself up with a boost of confidence and work with a motivated mind. For the former ones, we offer these...

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Assessment Of Dissertation Proposal

Dec 16, 2013 by

Download Now Here one can find the format in which a dissertation proposal is evaluated by the review committee. While the format gives an idea of the points which are crucial for a proposal, a student must note the criteria which form the basis for evaluation. The qualities that one must incorporate will be clear from such study. The rating is done for three...

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What Is A Methodology?

Nov 30, 2013 by

Download Now No research work can progress without finalizing a suitable methodology first. This document talks about the concept and importance of the research methodology, and the problems that students can face while conducting a primary research. Some vital questions that must be answered by researchers when starting their research are listed in the document and by going through these questions; students can minimize...

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Module Handbook for International Entrepreneurship

Oct 5, 2013 by

Download Now MODULE HANDBOOK for INTERNATIONAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP International business (IB) is a growing trend, as businesses are going global. This module talks about various factors that impact business on an international level, and the focus is on helping small and medium enterprises deal with the challenges of worldwide trade. The module starts by giving some background information about the theories on which such trade...

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